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Life at U.S. Embassy Kabul #foreignservice cc: @AFSAtweets

Daily life at every U.S. Embassy around the world varies in flavor. Some are sleepy, backwater posts where the work quietly chugs along with little notice from Washington. Others are constantly in the spotlight and received a steady flow of VIP visitors, each eager to be where the action is. Then there are the war zones. Your Afghanistans, Iraqs, Yemens, and Sudans. These posts are a world unto…

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New FS blogger Scott has offered up some great tips that allowed him to excel on the FSOT. He hasn’t actually started with State yet, but he is on the home stretch and should be joining the team soon. You can follow his blog at Flickomat.

Many of his suggestions are ones you have probably heard before, but it is always good to get a fresh perspective from someone recently through the process. In…

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Welcome to the 179th! #foreignservice

Welcome to our newest group of Junior Entry Level Officers, the 179th A-100 class!

That’s right, I didn’t forget this time. No hate mail this time.

Here is my normal A-100 advice:

  • Enjoy it. It’s a ton of fun.
  • Learn from it. You’ll hear from many experts in their field.
  • Appreciate it. There are countless others who would gladly trade places with you.
  • Go to the happy hour events. Besides being fun,…

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Feathered and Furry in the Foreign Service #foreignservice

You think it will be tough to move you and your belongings half way around the world for your Foreign Service assignment? Often, yes. Is it even more difficult with kids? I imagine so. Throw in a dog and a cat and that must be the ultimate in the relocation nightmare, right? Not quite.

Digger over at “Life After Jerusalem” not only has to move a dog and two cats around the world, she has a…

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Those Pesky Personal Narratives #foreignservice

As always when people find out they’ve successfully passed the written portion of the Foreign Service Office Test, I receive a little spike in traffic. Everyone desparately wants to know how to craft a masterful personal narrative that will blow away the Qualifications Evaluation Panel (QEP). Well, I’ve got good news and bad news.

The Good News

This step in the process of becoming a Foreign…

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VIP Visits and You - A Guide to the Insanity #foreignservice

The blog has been a bit quiet lately. Not because nothing has been going on. Quite the contrary. Too much was going on. We had an S visit.

John Kerry

This guy showed up with around 80 of his buddies.




If there is one event that truly pushes an embassy close to its breaking point, it’s a VIP visit. I’ve had the chance to survive several through my career thus far and here is a taste of what to…

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Welcome to the 178th A-100 #foreignservice

Welcome to the newest A-100 class: the Fighting 178th or Rowdy 178th or Mighty 178th or something (all A-100 classes think they’ve come up with some clever moniker that has been done many times before.)

My colleague Digger over at Life After Jerusalempointed out that a new class had started so I’m just piggy-backing on her work. She also listed a new FS blogger from the group. Collin has been…

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For Your Foreign Service Bookshelf

Regardless of career track, it is important for every Foreign Service Officer to have strong leadership, management, and organizational skills. True, it is probably more important for management and consular officers to develop these skills earlier in their careers as they will lead large teams perhaps as soon as their first tour. Still, if you stay in the Foreign Service long enough, you will be…

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